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Here you will find a list of our most common questions. If you find that your question is not listed here or you would like for information please feel free to get in touch with us where we would be happy to help.

How long does it take to setup?

Setup generally take 5 – 10 days due to apple requiring up to 10 days to approve your app for listing on the apple app store. During our busy periods it may take longer.

When do I receive card payments?

Technically straight away, we do not hold any of your funds what so ever. If payment is made by credit or debit card the funds will clear in to your bank account within 2 days like any other merchant account. If payment is made by PayPal the funds will clear in to our account immediately once you have built good history with them which does not take long in our experience.

Will having Zivoapp for my business really help?

Yes. Reports show that offering takeaways online increases the average order value by up to 35% and the total number of customers can increase by up to 40%. Not only this, but we provide you with a loyalty points system which will further help to increase your business as well as the use of a dedicated app.

Mobile orders currently account for around 20% – 25% of takeaway orders in the UK and will continue grow year on year.

Do you hold my money from sales?

No. unlike other companies offering a similar service that can take between 7 and 30 days whilst holding your funds we do not.

If you decided to accept credit and debit cards it will be through an online merchant account setup in your company name giving you full control. The same goes if you accept PayPal. You have a PayPal account in your company name giving you complete control.

What makes you different from Justeat?

Just about everything. Just eat is basically a yellow pages of takeaways and becomes a lucky dip for a potential customer to choose to order from you out of potentially 100’s of your competitors. Justeat also removes your branding and replaces it with their own as customers go to to order instead of

  • We build your brand
  • We do not hold your funds
  • We give you a reliable system
  • There is no delays in receiving orders
  • We charge much less
  • We provide you with your own brand apple app & android app & mobile
  • Website & HTML5 website
  • We create customer loyalty
  • We give you a more advanced system and ultimately give you and your customers a better experience whilst creating customer loyalty.

Justeat gives you a listing.

Justeat provides marketing on TV for us. Do you?

This is a common misconception. Justeat do not do any marketing for you what so ever. They simply advertise themselves whilst you are left hoping someone will choose you to order from.

One way of looking at it is, if you had a listing in the yellow pages would you pay them 12% when someone called for a takeaway?

We do however give you a wealth of help in getting as many customers as possible by using proven clever techniques as well as huge discounts (cheapest in the UK) on menu printing as nothing beats direct marketing.

I’ve never heard of Zivoapp before. How can I trust you?

We do not tie you in to any contract with us and you only pay for the orders you receive other than the small setup cost at the start which mainly pays for the equipment we provide you.

Zivoapp is part of the Zivo group of companies which currently consists of telecommunications, merchant banking, printing, internet hosting, QR platform, computer manufacturing with a few more companies in the pipeline.

We are probably bigger than 90% of our competitors in this industry so far.

Can I pay the start-up fee sometime after setup?

Unfortunately not. A lot of time and resources are put in to setting you up with our system as you will be receiving four platforms. We also have to send out your physical system for it to become active.

Are there any extra fees to pay?

No. absolutely not. We believe in clear, honest and upfront pricing from the beginning.

You simply pay the setup cost and 5% of order values. We will never bill you for anything more than this.

Your PayPal and merchant banking charges are of course a separate fee which is not dealt with by us and fall under a separate agreement with those providers.

How long is the contract period?

As long as you like or as short as you like. There is no contract tying you to a minimum term or minimum monthly billing amount.

Are their minimum monthly amounts?

No. you simply pay for the orders you receive which are billed monthly.

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